Boba Fett Vest and Armor

Posted: August 27, 2012 in Uncategorized

After I finished the jumpsuit, I went to work on the vest and armor. I had a quilted bed sheet with a hole beyond repair courtesy of one of my dogs, so I recycled it to make the vest. After taking my son’s measurements whom I am using as a guinea pig, I went to work on it.

I started the measurement on the lower rib, went over his shoulder to his lower back horizontal with the front and as wide as my son’s body.  When I draw it on the quilted fabric, it is just a big rectangle.  At each corner I draw flaps about 3 inches by 2 inches. This is where I insert a Velcro that keeps the vest closed.

I also drew a line right in the center and added the part where the shoulder pads will be placed.  Right in the middle, I drew a circle where the head will come out.  Also since waist is smaller than chest (on a fit person) I made the chest wider by about 1  1/2 inches on each side.I printed some armor templates from the dented helmet appropriate for the size I want and made sure they would fit before I cut the fabric. After confirming that the armor would fit, I made the cut.


I got an exercise mat which is pretty much a thick foam sheet and made the armor template cutouts. I also made cutouts of the cod piece and knee pads and spray painted them.

After all pieces were painted, I wanted to glue them to the vest, but I was not sure what glue cement is the best to hold it strong. So instead of glue I hand sew it. It is not as visually appealing as gluing it, but it is quite secure. I used nail polish to add the battle scars and of course Velcro to secure the straps around the waist.  I would love to hear your comments, suggestions and critiques.


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