Boba Fett Jumpsuit

Posted: August 13, 2012 in Uncategorized

This year I am making my nine years old son a Boba Fett costume.  I have decided to document how I made it. Sometimes I am caught in the moment and I forget about taking a picture while I am doing it. I usually prefer to find something already made, then alter it to suit the costume’s needs, but I could not find a jumpsuit for a nine years old so, I started it from scratch.

I first took measurement from my son’s body starting from the back of the neck to the ankles. Then from the back of the neck to the waist (this is where I know where to add the elastic to the back of the jumpsuit) then from the back of the neck to between the legs, but I added a good 4 inches so that it would be loose and comfortable.

Then I also measured his arms spread straight from wrist to shoulder. I also took waist measurements. Split it in two since the back and front is one half each. Then added two inches to each side. The reason for this is that I am adding an elastic to the back of the waist. It will be snug, yet comfortable.

Finally  I also took measurement of his chest right from under his arms.  For those measurement, I added two more inches at each side.  Whatever the measurement I have, I like to add generously for two reasons. When I sew it, I will be taking on average half an inch and it will not count for the measurement and I also like to make it really loose. I always can go back and take more to make a better fit, but if I cut too small I cannot make it bigger and the whole thing would be lost.

I am not great with math and again I forgot to document as I made the diagram of my son measurements on the fabric, so I made something similar on a piece of paper for better understanding.

On the fabric, I used a Tae Kwon Do top to guide the width of the sleeve and the opening to attach them. I also cut a strip to cover the elastic on back, squares for the pockets and the flaps around the ankles.  When I cut the fabric it was in double so there are two pieces; front and back.  I also cut an aperture to the front of the fabric only from waist to neck. This is where it is put on and taken off and closed with Velcro. I cut a strip of fabric of same length which will overlap and Velcro is added.

Here is the finished product. On my next post I will describe how I made the vest with armor and so on. I am trying to make something as an alternative to the costumes with everything painted on sold out there. I would love to hear from you.  How could I have done it better? What did I do wrong? Your feedback is greatly appreciated. This is my first post and I am also learning how to deal with this monster called WordPress!



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